The Makete district in Tanzania’s Njombe Region, where Consolata Hospital Ikonda is situated, faces significant challenges in economic, educational, and healthcare development. Over 90% of the local population relies on subsistence agriculture as their primary source of income. Recognizing the pressing socio-medical needs, the administration of Consolata Hospital Ikonda has implemented a policy to provide free medical care for all children under 10 years of age residing in the district. In 2022 alone, the hospital extended complimentary medical services to 5,667 children, offering:

  • 454 surgical procedures,
  • 2,801 laboratory tests,
  • 522 radiological examinations,
  • 5,069 days of inpatient care,
  • 232 dental treatments,
  • As well as a range of essential medications.

These services were provided at a total cost of TSH 99,087,787, equivalent to over €5,000, and were funded entirely through generous donations from our benefactors.