Over the years the Consolata Hospital has been able to count on the many European volunteers who have allowed the hospital to grow to a high level in the health service and have contributed to the training of local doctors, motivating them in pursuing training in medical specialties – i.e., orthopedics, urology, general medicine, gynecology, internal medicine, emergency medicine and radiology. The hospital has committed to fully supporting three doctors in their medical specialization path.

Our 2022 residents are Basati Msige (emergency medicine), Lunginyo Ilomo (internal medicine), and Jonathan Mathayo (radiology).

Medical specialties in Tanzania last three years and the university is located in Dar es Salaam – over 800km from Ikonda. The costs for enrollment, tuition and textbooks are around 2,400/2,500 euros per year per student. During their advanced training our residents continue receive a stipend of ca. 8000 euros per year. This is provided by the hospital to support the them and their families.

A contribution of 3,800 euros will cover the tuition and housing expenses for one student for one entire year.
The total cost for our scholarship program 34,200 euros for three years (11,400 euros/yr)
We thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation in carrying out this important health facility in Tanzania.